So busy...
New resources page because the old one was very ugly. It's almost halloween :-D
Working on resources page
About me page is half done
My guestbook is so broken right now I'm sorry I need to remake it
I recently learnt how to use soundfonts. Here's a test I did, it's My Castle Town but I replaced the piano with Earthbound's square and added a bit of reverb. I think it sounds nice so I'm sharing it here :-)
Edit: uh oh it is not playing
Edit: It's playing now but I had to remove the cool custom player

I added a new scrollbar today and started styling the resources page but there's almost nothing there yet.

It's here! New front page. And the Pokémon page too. (Speaking of that, I added a countdown until SV. Once it releases I'll change it to something else I'm excited about, hopefully Silksong).
The "Games" button leads to Pokémon only, but I'll add more pages for other games later. I can finally rest..

Big update tomorrow. The front page will be fully redesigned, aka LUKUAK WEB V2, and there'll be another new page :-)

I'll put pictures of PLA I take here sometimes. Sure love to pretend this game is Pokémon Snap.

Also, this happened.


I started Legends Arceus a few days ago and I love it.


Font changed to simple Arial. Hopefully it loads faster now. Some boxes are still going to have the old one though, which was Dymsmall. Updating again later today...


The log is here now. It's a lot bigger, but the space between the first box and the log annoys me. I should add something there.

New page. Working on moving the update log.

Gotta move the update log somewhere else. This background image makes it dificult to read.

Ok I didn't finish it that day... Remade the dreams page today and added the first dream.

Site hit 1000 views! :-) Made the dreams page, but it's unfinished and has no dreams yet. It should be done by tomorrow.

Fixed the mobile version thanks to this.

Site was updated. Beginning of the website and the update log.